• The Configurator
    for Hand Care Plans

Skin Care Concept

An effective hand and skin care concept includes information on how to take concrete protective measures at the respective workplace. Therefore, the hand care plan is an important tool.

Contents of the skin protection plan

The employee can refer to the skin protection plan for the skin protection products to be used in the respective work area. The preparation of the skin protection plan and the selection of the products should, if possible, be carried out with the advice of safety engineers and company physicians.

A complete hand care plan contains the following information:

  • Skin protection product before and during work
  • Skin cleansers in accordance to dirt level
  • Skin care products after work according to skin condition
  • Disinfectants (if required)

Placement of the skin protection plan

For the information of the respective employees, the hand care plan is displayed clearly visible at the workplace, usually next to the washing place where the products mentioned therein are available. In addition, it serves as a basis for regular employee training.


Advantages of a skin protection plan

The advantages of hand hygiene and skin health maintenance according to the plan: the chance rises for employees to do everything right in terms of hand hygiene and skin care. This may also increase the chance for the skin on the hands and on the forearms to remain healthy despite skin exposure at work.


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