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Hand Care Plans According to Your Needs

With our hand care plan configurator, you can quickly and easily create your individual plans free of charge. Once saved, the hand care plans are centrally administered and can – if necessary – be updated at any time and without much effort. Furthermore, the system offers sample hand care plans in accordance to industry-typical skin exposures.

Why Is Skin Care So Important?

The skin stands between the human being and his environment. As a barrier, it protects the body from damaging influences - and is itself constantly exposed to these influences. Particularly in a professional environment, the skin often has to withstand heavy stress. If it is not adequately protected, skin diseases may often be the consequence. Prevention is the best medicine - a principle that also applies to occupational skin diseases. Consistently implemented skin protection is the best way to maintain the health of highly stressed skin. To be effective, protective measures must be implemented right from the start of occupational exposure.

The skin protection concept

An effective occupational skin protection concept includes preparatory measures carried out before work as well as the gentlest possible cleaning and effective care after the stressful activities. All measures are coordinated with each other and with the specific health risks associated with the work in question.

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