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Why Is Skin Care So Important?

The skin stands between the human being and his environment. As a barrier, it protects the body from damaging influences - and is itself constantly exposed to these influences. Particularly in a professional environment, the skin often has to withstand heavy stress. If it is not adequately protected, skin diseases may often be the consequence.

What Is a Hand Care Plan?

An effective skin care concept includes information on the specific protective measures to be taken at the respective workplace. The hand care plan contains the skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care products to be used to minimize skin hazards at the workplace.

Is a Hand Care Plan Mandatory?

As soon as a skin hazard is identified in the workplace, a hand care plan must be created. The employer must determine which hazards exist and which protective measures are to be set up by means of a risk assessment. We will be happy to support you in this process - just contact us.

What Does a Hand Care Plan Include?

A complete hand care plan includes skin protection products which are applied before and during work, skin cleansers according to the degree of contamination, skin care products applied after work according to the skin condition, and hand sanitizers if needed.

How to Create a Hand Care Plan?

With our hand care plan configurator, you can create your plans individually and free of charge. You simply select the desired products and add them to your hand care plan. The hand care plan can then be saved as a PDF and printed out. If necessary, the hand care plan can be updated. With us you will also find a hand care plan template depending on the industry.

Who Creates the Hand Care Plan?

The hand care plan must be created by the employer. The employee can refer to the hand care plan for the skin protection products to be used in the respective work area.

When Should Skin Care Be Used?

To guarantee effective and holistic skin care, skin protection products should be applied before and during work. After work, skin care products are applied to the previously cleaned skin.

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